CimiGuard Press release

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For Immediate Release


A Non-Toxic Residual Solution to Bed Bug Elimination and Control

Melbourne, FL—11/5/2010—Twin Rivers Engineering is pleased to introduce CimiGuard, a non-toxic residual pest control treatment for bed bugs. CimiGuard contains a protein which is mixed into a water base before application. The protein causes the insect’s waxy outer layer to emulsify, resulting in dehydration and death when directly applied. Additionally, CimiGuard has a silicate particulate component which acts as a residual. As the water base evaporates following application, the particles lodge and adhere to the surface being treated. Once the insect comes in contact with the particulate and protein, CimiGuard emulsifies the waxy outer layer, causing death. CimiGuard is a particularly effective residual when used on fabrics, textiles and bedding. Current studies indicate that the particles are resistant to vacuuming and remain in place up to one year.

The CimiGuard protein and particulate are non-toxic to humans and animals. It contains no poisons and is easily integrated into green building programs. In addition to bed bugs, it is highly effective in eliminating fleas, roaches, ants, silverfish, carpet beetles and other household pests.

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 Yesterday I stopped by about 10 small hotels to see what kind of reception I would get. Wow Nice folks that are really concerned about the bottom line. No one wants to admit that they have them but the shining truth is they all have had small situations that they handled themselves, because the pest control companies want them to throw away furniture and have the room isolated for 30 days. One lady sprayed some stuff she purchased online and ultimately had to get rid of the furniture because it was ruined from the smell.

Started shipping

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Today is a big day for Me and my family. We have started receiving orders and shipping them. It takes a long time to bring a product like this to market. The average consumer will probably not be able to afford the one gallon mixes so we have started mixing 16oz bottles for sale online. We have a little work to do on pricing and shipping but there should be a buy now button shortly.

   I want to say thank you to all that have supported us in the developement of this site.

Kill Bed Bugs

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I have finally finished and posted the website. I have learned a lot and continue to realize the bedbug problem is large and expensive.

Bed Bugs CimiGuard.Com

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CimiGuard is a complex enzyme that disolves the waxy outer layer of Insects in the Cimicidae family. Bed bugs,Fleas,Ticks along with Ants,ROACHES (American German) and many others. The Kill is two fold, First is direct contact spray that kills safely and quick. Secondly is the residual 1 year kill. Once the CimiGuard dries the small silica tubes enmesh into textiles such as carpeting or fabrics. When the insect travels it comes into contact with the silica and the Enzyme it holds. CimiGuard begins to ingest the waxy coating that keeps the insect hydrated, Within a few hours it dehydrates and dies.
It kills on contact and at the same time provides a preventive feature that leaves a treated area materially free of future infestation for up to a year. It is not our claim that more bed bugs or other targeted insect pests will not appear, as they very likely will. Rather we guarantee that any re-infesting bed bug or other target insect pest will be dead in 6 to 8 hours of its re-introduction to the properly treated area.
The primary active ingredient is a complex protein molecule technically categorized as “food” under FDA regulations. These protein molecules together with the other ingredients are under other protocols labeled as GRAS ingredients. (Generally Regarded As Safe).

One of the easiest means of termite detection is to make a periodic inspection of the area directly around the exterior of the home. When termites are present, there is a good chance that a fine powder resembling sawdust will be found at various points close to the exterior walls. Depending on the severity of the infestation, there may also be small amounts of wood pulp mixed in with the sawdust. While there are other pests who could be causing this phenomenon, it is a good idea to call a pest control professional and have the issued addressed as quickly as possible.

Another method of termite detection relies more on sound than sight. As termites begin to eat into wood structures, the weakened structure of the wood will cause floors to creak with more frequency. Walls that are infested with termites will also produce a hollow sound when struck. Unfortunately, many people attribute these changes in sounds to the settling that structures tend to do over the years, and don’t call a termite exterminator until a significant amount of damage has taken place.

One proactive method of termite detection involves doing a personal inspection around the floorboards and woodwork on a regular basis. Along with tapping to see if the wood produces a hollow sound, it is also a good idea to look for what appear to be pinholes in the surface of any type of wood architectural elements in the home, including molding along the ceiling or chair rails. At the very least, inspections of this type should take place in the spring and fall of each year, although a quarterly inspection is often a good idea in areas that enjoy warmer weather throughout the year.

For homeowners who do not feel competent to conduct their own termite inspections, contracting the services of a termite inspector is a great idea. The inspector can use modern equipment to manage the process of termite detection, get an idea of the extent of the, and make it possible to plan an effective approach to exterminating the pests. Homeowners can often establish ongoing arrangements with inspectors to conduct a semi-annual or quarterly inspection for a flat rate per calendar year.

I suggest you visit to the latest technoligy in termite detection. useing state of the art equipment that cost less than one thousand dollars. This hand held detector sniffs for CO2 at active colonies.

Working on the new WEB site

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I am having way to much fun organizing and laying out the new web sit. As you well know I have been using a canned site for my products. Well now I am building my own from scratch. Never done this befor but have some great ideas for a simple tour guide through the products and services. I have decided to post and update along the way so that anyone can help me with input or errors.

Thank you in advance for you encouragement and help