Bed Bugs CimiGuard.Com

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

CimiGuard is a complex enzyme that disolves the waxy outer layer of Insects in the Cimicidae family. Bed bugs,Fleas,Ticks along with Ants,ROACHES (American German) and many others. The Kill is two fold, First is direct contact spray that kills safely and quick. Secondly is the residual 1 year kill. Once the CimiGuard dries the small silica tubes enmesh into textiles such as carpeting or fabrics. When the insect travels it comes into contact with the silica and the Enzyme it holds. CimiGuard begins to ingest the waxy coating that keeps the insect hydrated, Within a few hours it dehydrates and dies.
It kills on contact and at the same time provides a preventive feature that leaves a treated area materially free of future infestation for up to a year. It is not our claim that more bed bugs or other targeted insect pests will not appear, as they very likely will. Rather we guarantee that any re-infesting bed bug or other target insect pest will be dead in 6 to 8 hours of its re-introduction to the properly treated area.
The primary active ingredient is a complex protein molecule technically categorized as “food” under FDA regulations. These protein molecules together with the other ingredients are under other protocols labeled as GRAS ingredients. (Generally Regarded As Safe).


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