CimiGuard Press release

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

For Immediate Release


A Non-Toxic Residual Solution to Bed Bug Elimination and Control

Melbourne, FL—11/5/2010—Twin Rivers Engineering is pleased to introduce CimiGuard, a non-toxic residual pest control treatment for bed bugs. CimiGuard contains a protein which is mixed into a water base before application. The protein causes the insect’s waxy outer layer to emulsify, resulting in dehydration and death when directly applied. Additionally, CimiGuard has a silicate particulate component which acts as a residual. As the water base evaporates following application, the particles lodge and adhere to the surface being treated. Once the insect comes in contact with the particulate and protein, CimiGuard emulsifies the waxy outer layer, causing death. CimiGuard is a particularly effective residual when used on fabrics, textiles and bedding. Current studies indicate that the particles are resistant to vacuuming and remain in place up to one year.

The CimiGuard protein and particulate are non-toxic to humans and animals. It contains no poisons and is easily integrated into green building programs. In addition to bed bugs, it is highly effective in eliminating fleas, roaches, ants, silverfish, carpet beetles and other household pests.

For more information about Twin Rivers Engineering or CimiGuard, please visit


Bill Williams

Twin Rivers Engineering


PO Box 372837

Satellite Bch, FL 32937


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